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What To Do In Downtown Montreal

What To Do In Downtown Montreal

Montreal is one of the best cities in the world when it comes to sightseeing. Downtown Montreal is widely recognized for its unique beauty and its countless attractions for young and old alike.

One of the most famous streets in this Quebecois city is St. Catherine Street, a commercial street filled with many boutiques, cafes, art house cinemas, fancy bars and many food establishments, in fact many people compare it to Chicago’s magnificent mile or NYC’s fifth avenue. However, the street has a huge cultural background with many cultural festivals during the warm months of summer such as the International Jazz Festival and the Just for Laughs comedy festival.

Just off St. Catherin Street you will find The Place Des Artes; a street packed with museums, cultural outings and concert halls and performing musicians. Close to The Place des Artes you will find the heart of Montreal’s gay village; the Quartier des Spectacles which features 80 venues centered on cultural activities. The entertainment district is home to more than 30 festivals all year round that include opera, dance, theater, music and more.

One of the most famous places in Montreal to enjoy a meal is the Atwater Market, which features dozens of specialty shops and plenty of fish, produce and spices markets, as well as cheese shops and butcher shops. This market was originally designed in the 1930’s by famous Art Deco architect Ludge Lemiux who designed the building to remain fresh during the summer and warm during the harsh winters of Montreal. If you enjoy your visit to the market, make sure to visit the Centre Canadian d’Architecture, a building found in Montreal’s south west region. This museum features a lot of unconventional art such as 3D designs, sculptures, and a magnificent bookstore that is known worldwide. The building also features a fantastic coffee shop with an international variety of tasty coffees and world-class pastries.

Within this Quartier you will also find the Contemporary Art Museum of Montreal, which features modern art pieces from Canadian artists and native Montreal art from worldwide known artists as well as a few international artists. The museum also offers live music and theater performances as well as educational materials within its modern art collection. Just across the street from the Contemporary Art Museum you will find the Complexe Desjardinds, home to many buildings and a magnificent shopping mall with over 110 shops and a beautiful hotel. The complexe is Montreal’s largest building, covering an area of over 4 million sq. ft.

After exploring Montreal’s many avenues you might find it interesting to appreciate the Jean-Dreapeau park, or the Anglican Church built on the park itself. This building is referred to as by the locals as the “floating cathedral” due to its height and elevation which was very uncommon for churches in the nineteenth century.

As you can see Downtown Montreal is a place that offers many attractions and venues for people of all ages and backgrounds, whether it is cultural enlightenment, shopping, sightseeing or museums that you’re looking for, you will find all this and more in Downtown Montreal.

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