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Immigration Laws In The Canadian Province Of Alberta

Immigrating is a process where a foreigner living in a country decides to move to another one for work, family, religious or simply because they wish to improve their life in different aspects. A recent study conducted by a marketing agency determined that more than 45 million people around the world have an active desire to immigrate to Canada and would do so if given the chance. Canada is the second largest country in the world by extension and offers beautiful natural scenery, socialized healthcare, a strong economy and first-world living conditions.

The government of Canada allows many foreigners from virtually every country in the world to visit the country and under the right circumstances will allow them to stay in Canada either temporarily or permanently depending on each individual case. If you’re fully qualified to become a permanent resident of Canada, the process of moving over is actually quite simple; usually people who are going an immigration hearing will get the help of an immigration lawyer who will guide them through the process. Different circumstances call for different hearings, a foreigner may apply to become a resident –temporarily or permanently- a citizen or to be admitted as a refugee.

In the case of the province of Alberta the immigration process can be started directly through the provincial government. Alberta immigration lawyers in the city of Edmonton and other cities within the province will handle your case and advise you on the best course of action for each specific case. Since Edmonton is the largest city in Alberta it is very common to look for an immigration lawyer here as it is the province’s main hub for business and government. One of the main concerns for immigration lawyers in Edmonton is a person’s real estate. However, keep in mind that the final decision on your case will depend on a lot of different factors and your eligibility as well as any other conditions (refugee status for example)

Real Estate Lawyers in Edmonton will help you with services regarding real estate problems by protecting your estate and filing cases against any damages to your property or land. In case they have to deal with any criminal offenses you might also consider hiring a criminal lawyer as they have proven to be very helpful in dealing with immigration and criminal offenses.

Keep in mind that the immigration laws in Canada adhere to the immigration and Refugee Protection Act (also known as IRPA) which allows people from virtually every country in the world and territories under dispute to work, live, study and get medical treatment in Canada.

One final thing to watch out for when starting an immigration case is scammers. Unfortunately, the high demand for immigration to the country has created some not-so-legal opportunities for scammers to take advantage of hopeful migrants and rob them of their money. The Canadian immigration Firm offers a lot of help regarding fraud and how to avoid as well as the correct channels to report any suspicious activity.

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