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The Reason Canadian Health Care Is So Good

The Reason Canadian Health Care Is So Good

Canada, as some of you may already know, shares many similarities with other former members of the British Empire, specially with England. If you walk around the streets of Ottawa; the capital of Canada, you might find yourself thinking like you’re walking around an old English Town. One of the greatest similarities shared between these two countries is their excellent health care system, which is based on the social system of providing health to every citizen while also having a very competitive private health care industry for those who which to invest additional funds on their health care. Canada offers its citizens social security coverage policies that are partly funded by each province, territory and the federal government.

The guidelines by which the coverage is administered are set by the Canadian government and offer –like the British system- preventive care and medical treatment as well as other benefits such as dental care and therapy. Although there are a few exceptions to this system, most Canadians get the healthcare they need without any problems. The Canadian health care system is widely considered one of the best in the world and doctors who work in the system are highly regarded around the world. And Canadian medical care definitely has some of the best health care providers and specialists in the world as the education system is highly regarded as well.

One of the overall indicators of the quality of a country’s healthcare system is the life expectancy and infant mortality rates. Life expectancy in Canada is about 80 years, which is considerably above the global average.

Even though the system does produce its fair amount of controversy and it is constantly debated by the citizens and its leaders whether or not the socialized system is appropriate, the quality of the health system clearly demonstrates that the system works and makes one wonder whether the issue should be debated at all. Some citizens also question the efficiency and cost-benefit of having a socialized program instead of opening the market for private health care providers like they do in the United States.

Many Canadians believe that a privatized system should be adopted in Canada. The reason why this issues is being debated is because of the high amount of taxes that the Canadian government charges in order to fund the system, with figures of about 40% of the total income being destined for the health care system. People who opposed a socialized health care system claim that taxes would be lower and that funds could be used to pay for other expenses such as infrastructure, research , education or technology.

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