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Visiting Alberta, Canada

Visiting Alberta, Canada

Alberta is a region full of stunning natural landmarks and amazing locations for your trip; in fact UNESCO has declared 5 World Heritage sites in Alberta, which speaks volumes about the natural beauty that can be found in this region.

One of the most popular destinations in Alberta is Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise, where the beauty of the Rocky Mountains can truly be appreciated and the natural scenery makes this area a fantastic destination for recreation trips all year round.

Alberta is also well known for its strong oil industry and Alberta beef which is known worldwide for its excellent quality.

Alberta has a total of 5 national and 67 provincial parks which makes it a must-visit location for camping enthusiast and outdoor-loving people. While visiting the majestic Rocky Mountains it might be a good idea to check out the Rocky Mountaineer training programs which offer a variety of trips and hikes through the Rockies.

One of the main destinations in the province of Alberta is Calgary. Calgary used to be a small Cow Town but has grown to become one of the most important industrial and commercial centers in Canada. Heritage Park is a must visit destination that offers story tellers, a beautiful collection of trains and carriage rides and a stunning village full of houses that portray the history of Alberta.

Finally, the Alberta Badlands have a tremendous landscape that has been compared to the lunar landscape and it offers a huge contrast to the rest of the province as the eroded terrain offers a different view from what is commonly seen around the country. The province has a high historical and paleontological value as dinosaurs used to roam these badlands millions and millions of years ago. If you’re into dinosaurs and natural history you can’t miss the Royal Tyrell Museum which has the world’s largest collection of dinosaurs on display.

As you can see, Alberta is a province that is not only rich in resources, but also offers an excellent camping and hiking scene and plenty of natural landscapes that will make your visit worthwhile.

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